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Land Based Casino Vs Online Casino

Although playing at a land based casino has its own thrill and excitement, the fun ends there when you compare it to online casinos. Discover why people from all over the world are clearly making the online casinos their first choice. It is important to know the difference between land based casino and online casino. Read on to know more.

1. Comfort and safety

Earlier, the gamblers had little choice but to gamble only at the land based casinos. But today, with the permeation of internet, you don’t have to travel to your favorite casino to play your favorite casino game! Online casinos have brought gambling right within the comforts of your home. Now you can gamble anytime form anywhere. With a computer and internet connection, you are all set to go. This is the first main difference between online casinos and land based casinos. Playing online casino games is a lot safer as at land based casino there is always a risk of being robbed or being assaulted.

2. Privacy

While gambling online, you need not worry what you are looking like or what you are wearing. The online casinos are not bothered about your dress code, so you get all the privacy you want, unlike the land casinos. The online casinos are there to win your trust and honor your privacy. Moreover, you are away from the distractions of a land based casinos like alcohol, cocktail waitress, strategically placed mirrors, alcohol, cheesy music and the cigar smoke.

3. Huge number of casino games

Another difference between land based casinos and online casinos is that it is impossible for a land casino to support the huge number and variety of games, which a player can easily find at a single online casino. And with the rising online gambling competition, each online casino is trying to make that extra effort to win gamblers over. Therefore, one finds a large number of games at online casinos with even greater variations to suit every kind of player and their needs .One will not find this luxury at a land based casino as they are limited by the space and cost factor.

4. Gamble with free money

You will almost never come across a land casino offering you free money to gamble. But, it’s a totally different scene at online casinos. As online gambling sites are always trying to find means of offering the best to attract the customers, you will find lots of free money to gamble at them. Different bonuses, cash and others, sign up offers; prizes and so on are just a few ways. Make most of these free offers and get familiar with the online games too!

4. Free games While playing at online casinos, you will get the chance of playing many free games to get familiar with the casino and the game as well. You won’t get this luxury at a land based casino. This is especially beneficial to the newbies, needing a little practice before becoming a professional. Land based casinos vs online casinos is getting clearer.

5. Your own master

While playing at casino games online, you are under no pressure. You can test your gambling skills, practice endlessly and quit when you want to. This is a luxury not available at land based casinos at all. Moreover, you will find a great source of information to improve your gambling skills, as playing strategies and tips, online. Another added advantage is that you can jump from one casino to another at just the click of your mouse. Can you do that with a land based casino?

6. Professional customer support

Online casinos provide professional customer support to build a name and reputation for themselves. The availability of fast communication between the player and the online casino site is successful in building a one to one relation between the client and the casinos. Advanced security technologies are successful in making the financing aspect of gambling safe and easy to operate over the Internet Moreover ,24/7 efficient customer support by the casinos is enough to win over the trust of the online gambler.

7. More chances to win and higher payout rates

Another difference between online casinos and land based casinos is that the online casino games have higher payout rates. Today, more and more online casinos are offering great tournaments and competitions to keep their site fresh and pepped up. This clearly means more chance for you to win and make money. Players don’t find this opportunity at a land based casino.

Online casinos vs land based casinos? Well, it’s entirely a personal choice and decision. There are both pros and cons to online casino and land based casino. Whatever you choose to play at, happy gaming!

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